Emplace College

As a private college we are conscious of our responsibility for maintaining a very high standard of facilities and equipment. Emplace is fully equipped for all categories of middle and high schools In addition to teaching rooms, there is a library with computer and Internet access and a full range of learning resources. There are specialist laboratories for the teaching of Science subjects and ICT.

All students have access to computers at Emplace. We have a computer suite in our main Building where students are welcome to use the computers to work, do online schooling and print off any relevant documentation. Students with laptops will also have access to our wireless broadband service.

Arts Department
There is a an art studio accommodating painting, drawing, silk-screen printing and ceramics, as well as facilities for photography, and Graphic Design.

Jet Club
Members of the Jet Club are expected to research and foster solution to a societal need through their innovative creativity. Here they are seen developing a speed boat model which they deemed would be more affordable for citizens who live in waterine areas because of their low economic status.

Interactive Whiteboards
There are interactive white boards in all classrooms and laboratories. These are computer interfaced, multi media displays that have already increased the variety and quality of teaching in the College. Students will be encouraged to use them for presentations as part of class and coursework in several subjects. As always, we ask that students respect this equipment and ask for permission and instruction before attempting to use it.Type your paragraph here.

Music Lab
Emplace has a well equipped music laboratory comprising of drums, guitars, saxophones, recorders, keyboards, and Violins, etc.

It is in our practice to teach students to be self dependent especially with the use of nature to meet natural needs, and to contribute to societal development.
The national vision to grow the Agricultural sector can only be achieved when we all purposely start a change in our immediate environment whenever opportunities open up to us.  In this instance, the future leaders of this nation, who need to be groomed from their youthful days. There is no gainsaying in the fact that white collar jobs are no longer as attractive as before. Today’s movers of the economy are those who are at home with solving societal pertinent issues like food production and I look forward to being a part of it.Type your paragraph here.


Turning Today's Learners to Tomorrow's Leaders

Media and Film
In media and film production the students utilize software such as iWeb, iDVD & iMovie. They also use Photoshop CS in order to produce graphic design packaging for their work. Once students have learnt the basics of filming and technical and creative sound and film editing, they will have sufficiently grasped the basics of film making in order to progress towards using more sophisticated software, for example Adobe Premiere Pro. As well as this, Emplace' Media and film lab is equipped with a Plasma Television, DVD players, Sound System and an Electronic Whiteboard.

Science Laboratories
Laboratory equipments are an integral part of Emplace College science laboratories. These include tools and equipments that are required for gathering and measuring data for performing various science experiments. Students and researchers mainly depend on lab equipmentsfor validating the theories and principles that they have learned in the science books and also for conducting experiments for developing new concepts and ideas.

We have a wide range of laboratory equipments, to conduct physics, chemistry and biology experiments. The laboratories are equipped with Interactive Electronic Boards for virtual experiments and science programs.